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234 Franklin Avenue, Franklin Square, NY 11010
(516) 354-2418
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About Us
At Franklin Decorators, we are artists who have chosen upholstery as our medium of expression. From simple dining room seats to tufted, channeled, and pleated antiques, we approach each piece of furniture as a unique opportunity to craft a masterpiece to be proudly exhibited in our customerís home. For 55 years, working at the same location, we have continued to maintain a pride which demands adherence to traditional standards of excellence.
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We are here to help in all your decorating needs.

- Window treatments of all kinds
- Slipcovers (fabric or plastic)
- Headboards
- Bedspreads and dust ruffles
- Refilling cushions
- Rebuilding seats on furniture

Take a break from your hectic life to read some of our original poems concerning upholstery. A visit to our shop is highly recommended for a prospective client interested in seeing how we work, but sometimes you may catch me following my inspiration and jotting down ideas or phrases for my next poem. Samples can be read below, all of which have been written by Ken Fisher, president of Franklin Decorators, and are copyrighted