Franklin Decorators
983 Hempstead Turnpike, Franklin Square, NY 11010
(516) 354-2418
  At Franklin Decorators, we are artists who have chosen upholstery as our medium of expression.  From simple dining room seats to tufted, channeled, and pleated antiques, we approach each piece of furniture as a unique opportunity to craft a masterpiece to be proudly exhibited in our customerís home.  For 55 years, working at the same location, we have continued to maintain a pride which demands adherence to traditional standards of excellence:

From: Modern to Antique,

Conservative to Funky,
Traditional to Futuristic,
Sinfully Scandalous to Divinely Heavenly,
Adorably Petite to Massively Comfortable,
Discreetly Simple to Exotically Ostentatious,
Bedroom to Living Room,
Every conceivable style of furniture challenges our passionate sense of creativity and stimulates our devotion to perfection, inspiring our determination to craft a work of exquisite art.