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ďGrandmaís ChairĒ

Grandmaís chair sits lost and lonely, buried in the attic
Beneath old clothes and blankets, itís fabric stained and worn.
Youíre tempted to discard it, along with itís matching hassock-
Despite itís sentimental value, itís battered, lifeless, torn.

New chairs in the department store cost less than to upholster
That sad ancestral legacy now fading toward disaster.

What differentiates the two is quality of structure,
The lack of which degrades the essence of what you speculate
Might be a fine replacement for this piece of antique furniture,
Which has soul and innate beauty which the wise appreciate.
Donít compare this treasure to some trash, expecting me to understand,

For excellence must be revered, and restored at your command.

Once, furniture was built to last, each joint a source of pride

To craftsmen who perceived enchantment in the spirit of the wood.
They carved and chiseled lovingly a frame that dignified
Commitment to creation of exquisite lines which could

Flow gracefully from every detail certain to delight,

With beautyís charm embellished when itís finish flirts with light.

Excellence remained the standard followed without fail,
As the chair grew toward itís purpose, evolved toward itís design.
Upholsterers were artisans obsessed with each detail,
Creating style and structure out of horse-hair, tacks and twine.
With patience that old chair was built, with pride it was hand-stitched,
To be a timeless source of comfort in the lives that it enriched.

But what was noticed always was the beauty of fine fabric
Cut and tacked and sewn precisely, honoring perfection,
Installed with flair to please an artistís sense of the esthetic
Desire to exceed ideals that color all perception.
By a man who had the wisdom to know grace cannot be forced,

Merely eased along and guided as the fabric seeks itís course,

To settle, matched and centered, in the void the eye demands

Be filled with form and color, each pattern blessed with symmetry
Exquisite in itís placement, stretched and pleated by strong hands
Whose touch can sense the limits in each fabricís tendency,

Ensuring graceful lines and curves which flow throughout the chair-

Perfection in all tufts and channels, excellence with flair.

That chair was bought by newly weds investing in a dream

Of life fulfilled and joyous, with a family sharing love,
As their home grew and expanded, the chair symbolized extreme
Devotion to oneís children, for it became the focus of

Evenings shared and cherished, stories read by firelight,

By Grandpa in his favorite chair, a comfort every night.

These hands of mine, so passionate, can transform your ragged treasure,
Adhering to the standards that sheer excellence demands,
Into the classic beauty whose style gave your Grandma pleasure,
Because dedication to perfection flows from pride which now commands
The precise techniques from ages past, fulfilling my lifeís honored guest,

For through these callused hands my pride and joy become expressed.
Ken Fisher
Franklin Decorators 
April, 1999