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“Satisfaction Guaranteed” 

My fingers glide along each perfect curve of soft enchantment,
Pausing to explore the sweet sensation of this touch,
Proud to be the man whose expertise ensures enjoyment,

Fortunate to glorify that which I love so much.

Cupping each well-rounded handful, my fingers work their magic,
Tucking fabric in the cleavage of two perfect, swollen mounds.
I play my joyous game, employing every subtle trick

To pass along the same exquisite pleasure that I’ve found.

So I caress each graceful fold of soft, plush vibrant velvet,
Erotically obsessed with every curve, so amply stuffed,
Revealing ideal beauty, a truly stunning silhouette,

Which highlights all the details, every pleat and every tuft.

I form each curve, I smooth each tuck, my fingers play, caress and dance
Flowing toward my craft’s perfection, creating excellence with pride.
Adjusting every pleat and button, searching for esthetic balance,

I restore this antique chair to grandeur, until my visions satisfied.

                                                                                    September, 2000