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ďWhen The Day Winds DownĒ

 When the day winds down and all the world is silent,
Leaving me at last to just the comfort of my thoughts,
Which hid beneath the surface of a turbulent existence,
Awaiting opportunity to rise into awareness,
I float within the sanctity created by my hands,
Free to now express the feelings aching for release.

No sharp annoyance, no requests, no irritating, vile demands
Intrude upon my reverie allowing spiritís growth,
Stimulated by the power bursting through the tools
Which form a perfect union with my body and my soul.
No monetary obligations dull the joy of creativity
When Iím alone within the peace of my solitary shop.

My meditation takes the form of smoothing out the patterns,
Arriving at their placement by artistically expressing
The balance and the symmetry inherently apparent,
Waiting for my fingers to persuade them toward their fate.
I stretch and tack, caress and mold, encourage every pleat
To flow toward itís design and ordained purpose.

My mantra is the spoken word, my rhythmís from the music
Guiding me in my delight to aim for true perfection,
With no distractions hovering, amazed to know such joy,
When the day winds down and Iím permitted my serenity.
To others, I am working late, but this is merely play,
So donít feel sorry, Iím alive, and own a piece of heaven.

                                                                                     July, 2002