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 Party Information

Parties are 1 1/2 hours and we can accommodate 10-18 kids. We ask that the birthday child be turning 6 or older. The price for the party is $14 per child plus the price of the piece. We have lots to choose from! A small cereal bowl $16.00 and up or salad plate is $14, a small piggy bank or a mug is $22. You can pick anything from our shelves that you like, provided we have time to order them for you. * An 18% Gratuity will be added automatically to your bill. 

We provide balloons and invitations. We will have the shop set up before your guests arrive, give an hour lesson and clear the tables for the food (last ˝ hour). You can serve any food you like. Pizza is great, juice boxes are easy & cupcakes are lots of fun.

Please keep in mind that our shop is very small. One or two adult observers are all we can accommodate during the party.

Our gift to the party child is a plate, painted especially for your child with the character of their choice, by our artists, to be signed by all the guests.

We will need a final count of all your guests (+party child) 24 hours before the party. Ten children is the minimum.

In seven to ten days we will call the birthday Mom to pick up the items. They will be wrapped and labeled with the children’s names. If you go below ten the charge for the party plate is $45.

Please understand that we do not close to the public during your party. If there is room we do continue to accommodate other customers. Naturally, your party will always be given the appropriate attention by our staff. Thank you for understanding.