A Paint Your Own 
Pottery Studio

659 Franklin Ave Garden City, NY   
(516) 742-6030
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Once Upon a Dish
659 Franklin Avenue,
Garden City, NY   
(516) 742 - 6030

Our pricing is $8 per hour for children under 12 years, plus the cost of pottery and $9 per hour for 12 years & older plus the cost of pottery. This fee includes all the paints, use of all stamps, stencils, brushes, sponges and other tools needed to paint your pottery, as well as our help, the finishing glaze and firing . Unfortunately, you will not be able to take your piece home the same day, everything must be fired in the kiln. Once your piece is glazed and fired, it will be food-safe , microwaveable, and dishwasher-safe. During the week we have walk-in hours, no reservations needed, first come, first serve. If you have a large group, please call ahead. Can't wait to see you and the wonderful artwork you will create at Once Upon A Dish.

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Store Hours
Monday 10am - 6pm    
Tuesday 10am - 6pm    
Wednesday 10am - 6pm    
Thursday 10am - 6pm* 
Friday 10am - 6pm*
Saturday 10am - 6pm   
Sunday 11am - 5pm*   
* 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.
 By reservation only
Closed on Sundays During the months of July and August 



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