Sayville Pet Port
Pet Grooming, Supplies for our your animals.
Dogs, Cats, Birds, Reptiles, Fish and more! 
145 Middle Road, Sayville, NY
(631) 256-7460
Pet Supplies
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In an effort to provide every pet a safe and quality grooming experience I must require everyone to keep all pets up to date on vaccines by seeing their veterinarians regularly, for their health and the health of others. Please provide this information at your pets first visit. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Any questions please call. 

Dog Grooming, Cat Grooming, Nail Services for all pets, and so much more!

Our Services
Shampoos available with natural or medicated soap
Flea and tick dips keep unwanted pests away
Keep hair out of the house with de-shedding service  
Anal gland expression
Ear cleaning
Face trims
Flea & tick dips
Hair removal from ears
Nail painting, trimming, and shaping
Shampooing (natural & shaping)
Teeth cleaning

All services are done by a
professional grooming staff.

Here at Sayville Pet Port we are committed to make your pet feel comfortable and looking great. A "bad hair day" maybe a fashion blunder for you but it can be much more troublesome for your dog.
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