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.. The Garden City Centennial Soccer Club has been working hard for over 30 years to provide young soccer players with an environment that allows them to play and enjoy youth soccer.actintr.jpg (8730 bytes)

Our intramural program is based on four ideas-- everyone plays, balanced teams, positive coaching balanced teams, positive coaching and open registration-- plus, of course, input from people like yourself. Getting as many parents as possible involved in the program helps spread the work around, as well as the fun.

Everyone Plays
Our goal is for children to play soccer, not sit on the bench. So we have a rule-- strictly enforced-- that every player must play at least half of every game.

Balanced Teams
If you've ever watched kids choose up sides for a sandlot game, you know they try to arrange even teams-- because it's more fun that way. We do the same thing by setting up teams at the beginning of every season to make them as evenly balanced as possible-- because it's more fun that way.

Positive Coaching
It's a lot of fun to win games-- but it's even more fun for a child to see his or her skills steadily improving as the season progresses. We feel that winning kids comes first, winning games comes second. What makes winning kids is being built up, not put down. They thrive on encouragement. The extra effort it takes to offer positive support to our players is an investment in their future-- on and off the playing field.

Open Registration
Our programs are open to all girls and boys who register and want to play soccer. There are no tryouts, no reserved places; and beginners are just as welcome as  skilled players. We form the following divisions each season:


BOYS (Spring only)

Pre-K Clinic (spring only) Pre-K Clinic
Kindergarten Clinic Kindergarten Clinic
Division 1 (first grade) Division 1 (first grade)
Division 2 (second grade) Division 2 (second grade)
Division 3 (third grade) Division 3 (third grade)
Division 4 (fourth and fifth grades) Division 4 (fourth, fifth and sixth grades)
Division 5 (sixth and seventh grades)
Division 6 (eighth, ninth and tenth grades)  

Every Player Can Win
If we do a good job, every Centennial player can win by playing in every game, by playing on a team that has a fair chance of winning and by playing in an environment that helps him or her perform just a little better every time out. Most of all, every child can win by having a good time playing soccer which, after all, is what youth sports is all about.

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