How does Solo direct mail compare to Co-Op direct mail?

(Co-Op is where many coupon offers from different vendors are stuffed into one envelope or magazine style advertisement, ex: Val-Pak, Clipper, Money Mailer, Savvy Shopper etc.)

  • Visibility: With solo direct mail the consumer does NOT have to open an envelope or magazine to see your ad. They ABSOLUTELY must view your ad when they sort through their mail.
  • Targeting: Reach your potential prospects. We can target the recipients of your mailing by demographic criteria such as: age, homeowners, income, gender, presence of children in the home etc. We can also mail to various zip code areas within the same radius mailing.
  • Timing: Solo direct mail is executed on your time table, not your print vendorís time table. Most coupon pack mailers and magazine style ads are published on a rigid schedule, and some only publish 4 to 6 times per year.
  • Direct Competition: Donít split your response with your direct competitors. Almost all coupon pack mailers do NOT restrict your competitors from being in the same envelope as you. Are you willing to split your response with them? Solo direct mail brings your company to center stage in front of the consumer, while silencing your competition.
  • Small Format vs Large Format: Coupon packs are always in a much smaller format than a 4◊9, 5◊7, 6◊9, or 6◊11 postcard. There is far less ad space to communicate your message. With a 6◊11 postcard your product photos can be larger and have more impact and your ad wonít be crowded with information so itís easier to read.
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