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Why a Seewaldt & Bauman Custom-Made Shirt?
Seewaldt & Bauman has been a family of fine custom shirtmakers since 1921. This tradition has been passed down with pride through three generations. We are one of the last true custom shirtmakers.  A Seewaldt & Bauman Shirt is individually crafted for you. You design every aspect of the shirt. 
The Seewaldt & Bauman Custom Fit
A Seewaldt & Bauman shirt is hand crafted by the most qualified tailors. Thirty four separate measurements are taken before a pattern is developed. Particular care is always taken because each client requires a different fit. All measurements are within an eighth of an inch for the perfect fit. We take seven different measurements on the collar alone. We then draft an individual paper pattern of the shirt for each customer. We re-shrink all our fabrics before cutting to avoid further shrinkage. All Seewaldt & Bauman shirts are then cut by hand for the most precise fit. Before we proceed with your order, a trial shirt is made and fitted to your satisfaction.
OUR PROMISE to our customers is to make a superior product.
NINETY PERCENT of our new customers are referred by existing clientele.
WE TAKE whatever steps necessary to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied. THAT IS the way it was done in 1921, and that is the way it is being done today at...
Seewaldt & Bauman
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