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                    Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Isn't all PVC and vinyl the same?

Absolutely not. Many fence products today still utilize recycled plastics and reused, reground materials in the first 80% of the material, which is less costly to produce - but will eventually fade, crack, yellow, and become brittle. We choose to fabricate our vinyl fences and rails with the heaviest and strongest weight material from our extruder and we constantly strive to make the best product in the industry today. This means your fence will have elasticity and move and flex with weather and wind conditions without cracking.

Q2. How long does it last?

100% pure vinyl fence will last a lifetime. The best fences and rails are manufactured using only 100% virgin new heavy weight vinyl.

Q3. Will vinyl fence turn yellow or green?

Liberty Fence products have a lifetime warranty against yellowing and have been field-proven to maintain their color. We now purchase only 100% virgin vinyl for all our fence components that will not change color as lower grade products do.

Q4. Can vinyl fence break?

Vinyl fence will not break when installed properly. Planks, pickets and rails are easily replaced if damaged.

Q5. Will the gate hardware rust and stain my new fence?

Not when Liberty Fence Does your job. We use all stainless steel fasteners and screws to ensure no rust marks on your new fence. All our rivets are heavy aluminum, not the inexpensive nylon type that eventually loosen.

Q6. Does vinyl fence become brittle in winter?

As with most vinyl products, vinyl fencing will become less flexible in colder weather conditions; however, it will not break or crack. Our products have been engineered to accommodate normal temperature swings and are backed by our exclusive lifetime warranty.

Q7. Is the fence graffiti-proof?

Although not considered graffiti-proof, vinyl fencing is easy to clean and paint comes off with very little effort. We give full instructions with your written warranty on which solvents are recommended to use.

Q8. Will I ever have to paint my new vinyl fence?

Never. It is fully backed by our exclusive written warranty never to need painting. Cleaning is as simple as hosing it off with your garden hose.

Q9. Is vinyl decking slippery when wet?

No. Every decking board is built utitizing a computerized machining center to route a pattern into the board. This pattern helps disperse water and provide traction, yet is gentle on bare feet because there's no worry about the chips or splinters you would have with traditional wood. At Liberty Fence, we believe that decks should be a treat to you and not require you to treat them. Spend your spare time enjoying your deck.

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