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Dog Obedience
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About Us

Understanding first and foremost that a trainer can give you all the information you will require to have
a polite pooch, but ultimately, it is up to the owner to be the pack leader and supply the dog with the 
constant reinforcement he will need to understand his task at hand.

It is therefore, quite important to understand the simple rules of a dogs innate nature. Dogs are naturally pack animals and in a pack there is only ONE LEADER, then, within the rest of the pack the hierarchy continues down to the lowest of the group. When the pack leader wants to correct a problem with another dog in the pack, he will give the dog a warning bite on the dogs neck for correction.

There is heavy debate in the Dog Training world as to "Positive Only Methods" vs. "Correction Based Methods." I use both methods, to reach a balanced system. I encourage more positive training methods with praise and treats, but will give a mild correction if the dog is not obeying correctly. Dogs are highly intellectual beings and respond well to calm, assertive energy. Dogs only understand ranking systems in their pack. They will only follow and obey their pack leader but they must have respect for the entire pack, meaning your family.

If you have children, it is extremely important to be sure your dog understands his positioning in this family pack, his being of course at the bottom of the pack. All family members must come first, this will keep the dogs understanding of his position within the pack clear and prevent any aggression towards anyone in the family.

I have been training dogs for over 15 years. I have worked with small, Pugs to large German Shepherds and have even trained Horses in Hunt Seat equitation. Animals are my passion, I have loved them my entire life, I have volunteered at shelters and at horse barns as well. My greatest satisfaction, is seeing families and dogs get off to the correct start, then I am able to see another family develop this great love affair with animals.








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