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About Us 

            In 1977 Jeff and Mary Tierney had no idea the incredible turn their lives were about to take.  Mary was a registered nurse and Jeff, a student pursuing electronics. Jeff worked for his brother Mickeys famous Lawson Pub Restaurant, where a family recipe (Lindas cheesecake) was selling as fast as it could be baked.  Soon thereafter, they decided to take a chance in the dessert business. 

            Whistle Stop Bake Shop opened in a tiny store at the Oceanside Railroad station in June 1977.  Cheesecake was the sole offering.  Business, both retail and wholesale, grew steadily the first year.  In June 1978 Clint Roswell of the New York Daily News published a survey for the Sunday Edition titled, Legging it After Cheesecake.  Where can you find great cheesecake outside of New York City?  He and his staff conducted a taste test of cheesecakes from bakeries and restaurants around Queens and Long Island.  On June 11 the Sunday News rated Whistle Stop Cheesecake #1!  Business exploded! People came from all over to taste this heavenly cheesecake.

             Customers and restaurants requests for more variety sparked the addition of many new items.  Family recipes from Granny to Nana to Aunt Siggie and Mary account for most of the products sold today.  Jeffs love of sweets and passion for quality have enabled him to fine tune the many delicate recipes.  Today Whistle Stop produces a full line of equally fine desserts. 

            Through the years Jeff and Mary worked with Jeffs parents by their side and many times, with three children under foot.  Theirs was truly a family business.  Many family members pitched in on holidays or worked in the store during college years.

             Today, their son, Dan who is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, heads up a talented bakers.  Megan, whose picture appeared in the 1978 News article, has recently returned to the family business to add her own personal touch.  Lisa Gibbs, retail manager and all around go to girl, has been a favorite of many customers and employees alike for more than 30 years!

             A commitment to the highest quality and personal service has been a primary ingredient at the Whistle Stop.  This commitment will be carried on in the family business for years to come.