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            Supreme Philly Cheesesteaks (631) 669-0099

The best of Philly right here in New York! Authentic steak sandwiches with a variety of cheeses and fresh made toppings daily. Sides and specials everyday!

Supreme Philly is bedecked with paraphernalia from the Phillies, 76ers and Flyers. This is Jerry Pariaro's shop, a place he took over just a few months ago. Pariaros fell in love with cheesesteaks while visiting family in Philadelphia. A perfect one, he says, depends on quality rib-eye, "not roast beef or Steak-umms." 

Supreme Philly Cheesesteaks
100% Ribeye Steak, Burgers, Hot Dogs and so much more!

20 Railroad Avenue Babylon Village, NY 11702

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(631) 669-0099