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Having hair extensions is a greta way to help make you feel more confident with your new amazing looking hair. Hair extensions can add length to your hair in just a few hours. If you already have length and need volume, hair extensions will boost your volume and give your hair movement, the style you have been wanting to achieve. hair extensions can add the color of your choice or enhance the highlights that you have. They can cover split ends, you will have healthy looking hair. Hair extensions will present a healthier, younger looking you!!!!

Great Lengths supplies extremely healthy hair, the highest quality of hair which is 100% ethnical and traceable, that comes in a wide range of rich and vibrant colors. Great Lengths created the first, long lasting hair extension application method that molecularly bonded extensions to natural hair. This method is extremely resistant but also a gentle attachment.
Great Lengths supreme quality offers:
Thick and long hair, intense and long lasting colors, quality, healthy human hair, invisible and comfortable bonds that are safe and long lasting with their own innovative techniques.
Great Lengths can found worldwide in over 50 countries and is still today the leader in the world of hair extensions.
GL Apps System
GL Apps is a reusable system that can be used alone or with Great Lengths premium hair method. GL Apps uses Great Lengths quality hair and also comes in a full spectrum of colors. They are designed to match the density of your hair, are a one piece attachment that are comfortable to wear and are undetectable. While creating a natural look, GL Apps can be used for volume, lengthening, enhancing a color, a fringe bang, to create or correct a haircut and event styling…excellent for brides!! GL Apps are more cost effictient and take less time for application, with a longevity for 4-6 weeks.

Hairdreams has been a worldwide provider of real hair extensions for many years. The Hairdreams philosophy includes a strict quality orientation. Only absolutely healthy, thoroughly tested hair passes the stringent Hairdreams quality. Excellent hair quality has become Hairdreams “trademark”. The proof of this outstanding quality of the Hairdreams guarantee of faultless hair is during the entire wearing period. You are always in the best hands with a Hairdreams partner.

Our hair extensions stylist have been intensively trained by an experienced staff trainer and regularly trained on the latest application techniques. You can rely on the fact when it comes to hair extensions you are always in the best of hands with a Salon Beyond Hair Extension Stylist.