Nick & Pedro's in ManhassetNewsday/Ken Spencer

After a day of shopping the glitzy Miracle Mile in Manhasset, a respite from the gleaming metals and glimmering glass can be found within the walls of this traditional ristorante. With simple tables and Neapolitan murals representing the land that inspired the house menu, diners will find poultry, seafood and veal prepared in familiar Italian recipes -- scampi, Marsala, Parmigiana and more. Pastas like penne, fettuccine and ravioli are all present as well, available in the tomato sauces and garlicky oils expected of an eatery that holds to custom -- a personality trait so exceedingly rare along this stretch of Northern Boulevard that it could almost be considered and outside-the-box experience (in a comforting, old-fashioned way).

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