Nonna Delia's  
18-32 College Point Blvd, College Point, NY  (718) 445-NONA
"When you say Nonna, you've said it all!"
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Nonna Delias (718) 445-6662

Nonna Delias is the go to Italian Specialty Restaurant in College Point.

Consenza, Italia - It was August 19th, 1937 and a young girl, named Delia, had just been born to parents Ursula & Aldo Redendo. Delia was born the middle child of 6 kids. At a young age, Delia had a passion for cooking. Her specialties were her fried meatballs and homemade sauce. In the year of 1953, she made her final decision to come to America with her newly wed husband, Julio Victorio Cascarino. When they arrived to America, they knew that this was the place to start their new family and follow their dreams. When her first grandchild was born, she got the famous title, Nonna Delia. Although Delia passed away in April of 2014, her legacy will never die. (Story written by: Giancarlo Cascarino - grandchild of Delia)

From a Slice, to a pie or a full blown Catered party, we have it all at Nonna Delias.
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"When you say Nonna, you've said it all!"

18-32 College Point Blvd, College Point, NY


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(718) 445-NONA


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