1925 - The year my grandfather was an apprentice for Max Kollner. 

1929 - He became the manager of the R.V.C. store branch of Kollners meats. 

1940 - Max Kollner past away and my grandfather took over the business. 

1950 - My grandfather finished paying Max’s son for the business.

 1959 - My father received an honorable discharge from the Navy, and after many years of part-time work, he joined my grandfather full time. 

1972 – I began working part time at age twelve. 

1975 – My grandfather became ill and my father and myself moved to a larger location. 

1980 – I finished college and started working full time. 

1982 – We moved to the location where we are today. 

1988 - My father and I became partners in Kollners Prime Meats Inc. 

1990 – My father passed away and I became sole proprietor of the business 

2003 – My thirteen-year-old sons began to work part time. 

And so the saga continues…..