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Federal Electric 1940's Navy Klaxon Horn Type H-8M20
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These klaxons were produced for the US Navy in the 1940's. Usually employed in fleet submarines for dive and as cease fire alarms on other Navy ships. These klaxons were made by Federal Electric Chicago Illinois. They are 20 VDC 3.5 amp and produce the distinctive Ah-Ooh-Ga sound. We have both cast iron and cast bronze versions. When first produced in 1940, the early versions of theses horns were cast in bronze and Federal switched to cast iron later in the war to preserve bronze for other wartime uses. The horn projector, top plate and electrical plug(s) are steel in all cases.

These horns were war surplus and have not seen service but have been in storage since the 1940's. Dimensions: 61/2" H  x  7 1/2" L  x  7" W;  weight 16lbs.

Federal rates these horns for an output of 113dB(A) at 1 meter and 103dB(A) at 10 feet.

We believe that these horns are the only free availble units; there is a limited quantity of them.

They are available:
Klaxon Only
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