Holiday Farms

At Holiday Farms we pride ourselves in being able to offer a full array of reliable services. Our policy of "one-stop shopping", enables us to provide every aspect of your affair from food and decorations to entertainment & rentals. Holiday Farms has been renowned for its consideration of Quality, Excellence, Creativity and Reliability.

Our Catering consultants and Program directors are always available to assist you with making those important and delicate decisions concerning your affair; always keeping in mind that this is your party. Over the years we have strived in helping our customers, so that we may make a difference. We will walk you through the entire affair so you will know all aspects of your party. There is a lot to be said about years of experience.

Two Great Holiday Farms Locations
374 Roslyn Rd. Roslyn Heights, NY - 11577  
(516) 621-6420


Monday     7:00A - 9:00P
Tuesday     7:00A - 9:00P
Wednesday     7:00A - 9:00P
Thursday     7:00A - 9:00P
Friday     7:00A - 9:00P
Saturday     7:00A - 8:00P
Sunday     7:00A - 8:00P

1-1 Park Plaza, Glen head , NY 11545
(formerly Waldbaums)
(516) 759-9446

Monday     7:00A - 10:00P
Tuesday     7:00A - 10:00P
Wednesday     7:00A - 10:00P
Thursday     7:00A - 10:00P
Friday     7:00A - 10:00P
Saturday     7:00A - 10:00P
Sunday     7:00A - 10:00P


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Two Great Holiday Farms Locations
374 Roslyn Rd. Roslyn Heights, NY - 11577  (516) 621-6420
1-1 Park Plaza, Glen head , NY 11545   (516) 759-9446