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Garguilo’s Bakery Items

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Gluten Free Raspberry Wafer Gluten Free Biscotti Rugelach
A rich cream cheese and butter dough, carefully prepared.  Your choice of either chocolate with nuts, raspberry with cinnamon sugar, or apricot with raisins.  Sold by the pound either loose or on trays.
Almond Horns
Almond lovers first choice made with pure almond paste and blanched almonds.  Comes chocolate-dipped or plain.
(Also Gluten-free). 
Butter Cookies
Locally acclaimed the finest.  A rich and buttery blend allows for instant appeal, carefully filled and dipped. 1, 2, and 3+ pound decorated trays are also available.
Pignoli Cookies
Carefully blended pure almond paste, egg whites, and sugars make up the perfect base for imported pignoli nuts to rest on.  (Also Gluten-free). 
A unique Italian cookie baked twice for a perfect and light dessert to enjoy with espresso or cappuccino. 

- chocolate - cherry - nut - regina - S cookie
*  All sold by the pound, individually, or assorted.
Elmo, Cookie Monster, Smile Character Cookies
Linzer Tart 
A short bread cookie dough with plenty of seedless raspberry jam filling, lightly dusted with powdered sugar. 
Cheese Danish
A New York favorite continental treat you will just have to try! 
Irish Soda Bread
Tope of the morning to you!  Soft and tender almost cake-like chock full of plump raisins -- an all year favorite! 
Small - Large - 
Small in Green -  
Large in Green - 
            - plain           - raisins
            - raisins and caraway seeds
            - caraway seeds
            - green for the holidays
A babka dough loaded with brandy soaked raisins, fruits, and pecans.  An all year favorite washed with hot butter and covered with vanilla sugar. 
Small - Large - 
Poppy Seed Strudel
An Austrian delight cooled in our own formula embraced by our unique old world danish dough and poppy seeds.
Chocolate Cream Ring
Truly for the serious chocolate lovers!  A blend of danish dough with secret super chocolate filling topped with our old world streusel (crumbs) and fine hard chocolate. 
Pecan Ring
Our own Danish dough filled and braided with our blend of almond filling baked to perfection topped with this country’s finest pecans. 
Gluten Free White Bread
Gluten Free Rolls Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Gluten Free Brownies
Challah Bread
Traditional six-strand twist, also made round (snail-shaped) for the holidays.  This savory-rich bread with a high egg content is perfect when eaten plain or as French toast. 
Small -  Large - 
Small with Raisins - 
Large with Raisins - 
 - poppy - sesame - plain - raisin

  Bite-sized balls of dough, an Italian holiday specialty, fried and enrobed in honey, sprinkled with non-perils. 

Rainbow Cookies
Delicious and colorful cookie made with almond paste, raspberry filling, and chocolate top and bottom.  Sold by the pound and also available in cake size.
Elmo Smiley Cookie Monster

Character Cookies: Designed for children, loved by adults, yet another unique butter cookie handed down from Great Grandpa and still loved today! 

Choc Chip Inside Big Cookie Chinese Big Cookie Chip on Top Big Cookie
Sprinkle Big Cookie M+M Big Cookie

Big Cookies:  At 4 ½ inches in diameter, this pre WWII shortbread

dough with assorted toppings will bring a smile to anyone’s day. 

A four ounce crispy, cheese-filled Italian pastry sold plain
or with powdered sugar.
Gluten Free Choc Chip Homintashen
Triangular cookies made from our short cookie dough and filled with your choice of apricot, raspberry, prune, poppy, or cheese. 
Gluten Free Chip on Top Cookie Gluten Free Sprinkle Cookie Black and White Cookies
A cookie by name, a cake by nature, moist and delicious with a thin topping of our chocolate and vanilla icing available in both large and mini sizes (large 4 ½ inches, mini 2 ½ inches).
Brownies with Nuts Brownies without Nuts Gluten Free Linzer Tart

With our own spin on this one, by far the best!  Just right with or without nuts and with or without topping.  Try them dipped in our cookie chocolate too! 



Rye and Pumpernickel Breads:  Made from our crock of sour starter established in 1972 robust in flavor and baked with steam to ensure the perfect crust.  Small -  Large - 
- seeded - plain - pumpernickel rye swirl  - pumpernickel raisin - onion

Cheese, chocolate, almond, or raisin, a sweet yeast dough carefully
prepared to ensure a flakey and rich tenderness.

Gluten Free Items

The following ingredients are used in our Gluten Free items:

Rice Flour

Tapioca Starch

Potato Starch


Whole Eggs

Xanthan Gum

Baking Powder

Baking Soda

Milk Powder


Cider Vinegar

Pure Vanilla

Pure Almond Extract

Soy Oil

Cocoa Powder (where applicable)

Nuts (where applicable)

Chocolate Chips (where applicable)

Raspberry Preserve (where applicable)


Chocolate Chip (on the inside) Cookie: 

Raspberry Tarts:  

Nut Biscotti:

Chocolate Sprinkle or Rainbow Sprinkle or Chocolate Chip (on top) Cookies:

Linzer Tarts:  

White Bread:

Cinnamon Raisin Bread:  

Sandwich Rolls:

Pizza Flats:

Pizzas: With Cheese and Sauce,


Chocolate Flourless Cake: 7” - 

                                                  10” - 

Devils Food Chocolate Cake: Available in sizes 8” to Full Sheet

High-Ratio Vanilla Pound Cake: Available in sizes 8” to Full Sheet

·      Both the Devils Food Chocolate Cake and High-Ratio Vanilla Pound Cake are available to be made in cupcakes. 

If any questions concerning dietary needs, Contact us.