What’s New at Bagelicious  

Emily really had a great time at her birthday party that we hosted at our Front St. location. 
All of Emilys friends had a chance to make their own personal pizza bagels.

On a trip to Israel a very good customer, Mr. T, wore his favorite t-shirt…

Recently at a customers backyard celebration Josh and Jesus prepare delicious omelets and crepes and serve a most delicious bagel brunch
During a summer lacrosse camp Chelsea and Chelsea ran a Bagelicious Table and kept all the athletes fed during their competition
During the Babylon Tuna Tournament Chelsea and Emily ran a table offering delicious bagels, cookies and drinks and keeping the fisherman happy


This week at Bagelicious we received a request from a good customer to add a flavorful sandwich to our menu. The customer, David, a fourth grader at Dinklemeyer School in Bellmore came up with a great idea to spread Nutella and Bananas on a bagel.  This sandwich is delicious, so we decided to test market it to our customers. David came to Bagelicious and sampled this new bagel sandwich creation, which he suggested we call the “David Deluxe”, to all our customers. Everyone that tasted it loved it. The response was fantastic. David was very happy and so were our customers. We look forward to adding the “David Deluxe” to our menu very soon. Take a look at the pictures of David working the crowds at Bagelicious…


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