The Haborfields eighth grade team won the 2009 LISGYLL Eighth Grade "A" Conference Championship game.  Harborfields came out strong and ready to play.  Their opponent, Farmingdale, had a great season and was undefeated up to that point.  Farmingdale was obviously surprised by the skill and speed of the Harborfield team.  Harborfields went up by a bunch of goals early in the first half and had a good lead into the second half.  Farmingdale started to come back strong late in the second half, since they are an excellent team, but it just wasn't enough and time ran out on them.  Harborfields won their programs second LISGYLL championship game in two years with the 2009 victory.  Congratulations to the enitre Harborfields Eighth Grade team and specifically to their wonderful coaching staff led by Mary Santomauro.