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How a Tuxedo Should Fit - 05:15

This video discusses how a tuxedo should fit.

How to Choose a Tuxedo for a Wedding - 01:30

This video series will show how to choose a tuxedo. In this video, formalwear expert Ted Poulos discusses the essentials of how to choose a tuxedo for your wedding day or special event. This video is a must see for all

Getting Started Choosing a Tuxedo - 06:38

This video will show how to get started choosing a tuxedo.

The Formal Fashion Tuxedo - 02:42

This video talks about the formal fashion tuxedo.

Understanding Tuxedo Terms - 05:48

This video shows how to understand tuxedo terms.

The Formal Tradition Tuxedo - 02:00

This video discusses the formal tradition tuxedo.

Choose a Tuxedo - 02:50
Ultra Formal Daytime Tuxedos - 03:26

This video will discuss ultra formal daytime tuxedos.

Ultra Formal Evening Tuxedos - 03:18

This video