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Great Eastern
Pasta Works,

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Ravioli and Pasta Program

Our ravioli are encased in thin, tender dough using the finest extra fancy durum flour. 

Our ravioli “seams” hold together in a variety of food service environments. We have a high ratio of filling to pasta in our ravioli and use the highest quality imported cheeses. 

Our raviolis are made with natural colors, which are retained after cooking. 

Our product packaging is designed to be easy to handle in your kitchen with easy to read labeling. 

Our fresh pastas are made with stone-ground semolina and cook up firm. 
By using our fresh pasta and ravioli you will expand menu variety with creative presentations. 

Our ravioli cooks up faster, in 3 to 5 minutes from frozen state. 

Our fresh pasta is extruded through “brass” to give it a coarse texture to capture sauces better. The flavors and textures enable our pasta to stand alone without complex sauces. 

Food cost will be lowered however a high quality creative product is presented to the customer. 

Reduce labor costs due to minimal prep, handling and portion control. 

Increase repeat customers stimulated by a greater variety in menu. 

Pasta People products are made by CHEFS that have worked in the food service industry in every capacity. 

PASTA PEOPLE offers you our discriminating customer, exceptional pasta in a variety of shapes and colors filled with an array of only the finest ingredients.