Message from the NCWLOA Chair Person

Hello Fellow Officials:

We are entering the 2014 season with the standard goal to keep our game safe and in control. Please work hard in every game to attain this. Games should be won by the most skilled team, not the most physical one. Implement all the new rules and points of emphasis designed for this purpose.

Let's start the season by getting in the best possible shape both physically and mentally which is necessary to officiate correctly. Specifically this game is not meant to be officiated by walking . Always run to the correct position. Use the proper mechanics and techniques. Hustle on the field. Remember if the ball is moving so should the officials in order to maintain the proper positioning. Review the Ropes video to keep your CSA positioning as sharp as possible. Work to stay outside of play and ahead of it when you are the lead. Trail officials need to hustle down field and support your lead. Trails need to stay off ball when it is in the CSA. If you are watching the ball in the CSA as the trail you are not doing your job and you will not see that obstruction of free space to goal until it is too late.

Remember to work with, and support, your partners. Your partner is your team on the field and together you should strive to be the invisible third team. Talk with your partners before the game and at halftime when necessary. If you are the more experienced official then help your partner when you can, but do it quietly and with respect. 

Respect the players and the coaches and hopefully they will return it. Treat them the way you would want to be treated. Talk to them in a respectful way. Take deep breaths and remain calm when disputed situations develop. We are extremely well paid and we should earn that fee with both respect and hustle. Do not let the game get illegally physical. Make the necessary calls. Make the calls that you are expected to particularly when it comes to safety and aggressive, as well as dangerous, play. Use your cards especially involving repeated major fouls. 

We are all part of an exceptional officials association, therefore we should work to be the best we can be. As members of the NCWLOA and women's lacrosse officials please honor the game. Enjoy the season and most of all have fun doing it. Stay well and stay safe. 

Joe Fanning