Private Label  Fine Fragrances
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If your company had a scent, what would it be?

Would it be an original aroma or timeless bouquet?
As startling as a flash of lightening,
With something bold and personal to say?
It could be naughty or maybe nice, sizzling or cold as ice!
This Fragrance is the signature of your company.
Fragrance personifies value.
It motivates customers more than all other marketing tools.
To add a new dimension for customers and their image, retailers capitalize with fragrance.
Therefore, the essence of marketing is fragrance.
Simply put, liquid assets.
Escala has created Private Label Fragrances since 1978.
Put our expertise to work for you.
We'll create your company's scent....that's the bottom line!
Small Run Designers Choice Private Label Fragrance Line 
Custom Private Label Fragrance Line

Choose from a unique variety of bottles and caps imported from France, a wide spectrum of distinctive fragrances, 3 original layouts for bottle and box based upon your name and logo.
Sample Private Label Fragrances
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