The Edward D. Jamie, Jr. Funeral Chapel will assist the family in selecting a headstone or family monument for their grave. The selection will depend on the cemetery regulations, the size of the grave, and the type of granite stone. We offer a variety in granite stone colors such as Barre grey, Canadian Pink, India Red, Mahogany, Light Pink, Wavy grey and Black.

The finishes on the stone can be all polished, steeled or a combination of polished and steeled. In some cemeteries a picture can be etched on the stone. Our craftsmen have over 100 years experience in headstone, footstone, monuments and mausoleums. 

If you need an inscription on an existing stone we can also accommodate your family and we can eliminate your searching for a reliable company to do the work. All our work is fully guaranteed and your complete satisfaction is our main concern.


The Edward D. Jamie, Jr. Funeral Chapel has a wide variety of urns for cremated remains. The selection includes wood, marble, brass, and slate. The designs are all different and we have urns that look like picture frames and clocks. The cremated remains are stored in a bronze sheet urn behind the loved one’s picture or the Howard mantel clock. 

Our funeral home will transfer the cremated remains from the crematory container to the selected urn at no charge. We can also provide for burial of the cremated remains in the cemetery or mausoleum or ship the cremains to another state or country. We can also receive cremated remains from another state or country for disposition in New York or New Jersey. 

Whatever your selection or desire, our firm can handle any situation. You can call, e-mail or write to us any time.