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Bagel Hut makes bagels, delicious bagels, the best bagels in town.

Bagels are baked just before you walk in the door not just once a day before you wake up.

That means you almost always will find a bagel flavor you want that's fresh and warm.

We're fanatics about the quality of our bagels.
We specialize in Bris’, Shivas and Kiddush’s and all your catering needs!
Bagel Hut has been owned and operated in Great Neck since 1969.
All of our baking is done on premises and made fresh daily.
We will provide a full staff for home set up, serving and clean up.
Check out our catering menu, and if you have any questions please call us and we will help you in any way we can.

Contact Bagel Hut to cater your next apecial event. We have so many different party platters that will easily be able to meet your party budget, but at the same time receive the freshest food for your special day