Good Nights Ahead At Your NY Mattress Retailer  

Atlantis Mattress & Furniture is a NY mattress retailer dedicated to customer comfort.  Your good health, rest, and relaxation depend on the quality of the sleep products and furnishings in your home.  That is why we carry a full line of not only mattresses for sale, but also a complete line of quality home furniture.  Atlantis Mattress & Furniture is here to get you through both the day and night with ease—and style!  

A Top Quality NY Mattress Retailer

There is no shortage of mattress manufacturers, and no shortage of places to find a mattress for sale in New York .  Finding a high quality mattress for sale, chosen from the best of mattress manufacturers, is more of a challenge.  Many NY mattress retailers choose to go the cheap route and sell the lowest priced bedding they can find.  

Atlantis, on the other hand, has chosen to take the high road to New York mattress sales.  We cannot conscionably sell you an inferior mattress because we know how important great quality sleep products are—your very comfort and health relies on it!  Through it all, however, we pay strict attention to affordability, too.  And while the mattresses for sale in our store are not the cheapest, we believe a great night's sleep does not have to break the bank!  

At Atlantis Mattress & Furniture, we have researched all the products the industry has to offer.  We have chosen among the best quality, most reasonably priced options to bring you the best mattresses for sale in New York  

Our feature brand-names include:
Gold Bond
King Koil

In addition, we carry a full waterbed mattress line.  Waterbeds top the list for the ultimate in hygienic comfort, capable of suiting unique customer needs.  A waterbed mattress is the best option for many people with physical and/or health problems.  Our waterbed mattress line includes the best waterbed mattresses in the industry.  When you are looking for a new waterbed mattress for sale, come in and let us show you our product line, which includes top names like  

•        Boyd Waterbeds
•        US Water Mattress  

A Top Quality NY Furniture Retailer  

Atlantis Mattress & Furniture is dedicated to getting you the best, healthiest night's sleep possible, but we also know the importance of getting you through your day in comfort and style.  We have a great range of top quality NY furniture for sale in our showroom.  

We are as committed to bringing you the best, most comfortable NY furniture for sale as we are to bringing you the best mattresses for sale in New York .  In home furniture, as in bedding products, we work to bring you a careful balance that is all at once affordable, durable, comfortable, and great-looking.  We can't say we are the cheapest NY furniture retailer, but we can say we give you the best value for your money.  

We appreciate the time that you have taken to learn about Atlantis Mattress & Furniture.  We look forward to becoming you new NY mattress retailer and your new NY furniture retailer (unless you are a return customer, in which case we value your loyalty and are so glad to have you back!).  Please stop in any time to say 'Hello' and see our great furniture, bedding and waterbed selections!

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