Antonette's of east hills is reminiscent of a grand italian villa in size, earthtone color, and grandeur. After a long history of success with l'endroit (30 years), its original occupant, a number of restaurants have occupied this venue. Having dined at all the prior restaurants I was quite impressed with how Antonette's has taken over the restaurant and added a subtle mediterranean charm to the interior.

Jimmy, the new owner of this location, invited us to sample his Antonette's menu. Being a perfect host, Jimmy made sure that we were seated at a comfortable table with miguel, an excellent waiter. We began our meal with a small classic caesar salad along with a number of small plate appetizers: shrimp cocktail, crab cakes, and baked clams all beautifully prepared and served on fine white china. After our appetizers miguel served us a series of absolutely outstanding entrees. Along with our dishes our host sent over a bottle of fine white italian wine to accompany our meal. Our generous meal, left us with more than enough for another meal the following day. 

Antonette's of east hills is the third antonette restaurant Jimmy now owns and operates. The new restaurant is charming, the food outstanding, the service excellent and the ambiance relaxed and charming. It should be here for many years to come....

Highly recommended for all ages.. Excellent parking and easy to access. Catering and party facility premises. Kudo's to Jimmy, Miguel, and the staff. Antonette's of east hills is a winner!

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